Business Loan

personal loan

Small Loan Terms:

Loan currency - GEL;

• Type of payment - annuity/interest only;

• Loan term - 6-48 months;

Compatibility criteria

• The borrower must be a legal entity resident in Georgia; whose founder will be an individual or legal entity resident in Georgia.

• The date of establishment of the legal entity - 3 months must have passed;

Loan security:

Located in the territory of Tbilisi, Rustavi, Batumi:

• Building apartment;

• private house;

• Commercial Space.

The owner of this property must be represented by any legal entity resident in Georgia or a member of the managementof the borrowing organization/partner/shareholder or a member of the partner's/shareholder's household;

Required documents:

Document from the business register of the borrowing organization;

• Identity document of directors and founders;

• Documentation confirming the organization's activities (bank statement, profit and VAT declarations, etc.)

The business loan amount is:

at least 5,000 GEL;

• Maximum 100,000 GEL.


Within one day of the interview.

Form of payment:

Repayment of loan principal and interest equally (annuity);

• Interest only repayment.



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Auto Loan

car loan

Auto loan for 5 minutes!

Auto loan Terms:

• Loan currency - Georgian Lari for natural persons; USD for legal entity;

• Type of peyment - annuity or only percentage payment;

Loan term - 10 months;


personal data:

The borrower must be a resident-natural person or legal entity;

Borrower's age -18 -70 years. (Maturity of the loan)


• auto

• 3000 USD, and more money is requested Surety - natural or legal person.

• Nova Credit, Credit Committee's decision may be requested to provide additional or condition.

Designed to ensure the borrower's movable property criteria:

• designed to ensure the car does not have to be in poor condition;

• do not have to be a student of the tax liability, or any kind of seizure the ban;

Required Documents:

• Owner's Identification Card

• auto technical passport

• A notice of seizure

• Nova Credit Credit Committee's decision in the case of additional evidence can be required (s).

Auto Loan purpose:

• buy a auto, for personal use, business development, including the "start-up" funding.

Auto Loan - the fee is payable:

• At least 550 USD

• a maximum of 25 000 USD

And loan services:

• interview to 5 minutes.

• The loan will be available 24 hours a day.

• Auto loans bearing and private parking spaces provided.

• Automobile insurance requirement does not apply.

Any form of payment acceptable to the borrower:

• repay the loan principal and interest in equal measure

• only interest is covered.

Additional conditions:

If the auto is a 2008 release date and evaluation exceeds 20 000 USD. The Committee will discuss the loan at reasonable interest rates to issue.

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Mortgage Loan

home loan

Mortgage loan:

• Loan currency - GEL;

• Type of payment - annuity/interest;

• Loan term - 6 - 60 months; 

Personal Data:

The borrower must be an individual of Georgia;

Borrower's age -18 -70 years. (taking into account the term of the loan) 

Loan mortgage:

Located in the territory of Tbilisi, Rustavi, Batumi:

• Commercial Space.

• Land.

In the case of other cities, it is considered individually. Based on evaluation of a property.

Criteria for real estate intended for borrower security:

• The real estate intended for collateral must not be in a state of disrepair;

• Must not be under construction (real estate under construction is acceptable if the building is roofed and communications are included)

Required Documents:

• ID card of the owner;

• Property document from the public register.

• Proof of income (individually at the discretion of the company).

Purpose of the Mortgage loan:

• Financing of property purchase/construction/renovation works for personal needs.

The mortgage loan amount is:

• At least 5,000 GEL;

• Maximum 100,000 GEL.


• within one day of the interview.

Any form of payment acceptable to the borrower:

• repayment of the loan principal and interest equally (annuity);

• interest-only repayment.

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